Excel 2007/2010: From Novice to Professional

Excel 2007/2010: From Novice to Professional



Get the most out of Microsoft Excel faster and easier than ever and be the Excel Guru of your work place. In this Course, maximize your productivity with Microsoft Excel’s best tools and shortcuts. The course simplifies powerful features including PivotTables, PowerPivot, Sparklines, Goal Seek, Conditional Formatting, Report Automation, Subtotals, Tips and Tricks and many more! Get more things done faster with customized workbooks, the Quick Access Toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts…control and analyze data more effectively…communicate more visually with new charting tools and SmartArt…and plenty more! Just Attend the Course and You’ll master high-powered Microsoft Excel skills at your own pace–and get specific answers and solutions immediately, whenever you need them! For anyone who wants to master Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 fast– from novices to a power and professional users.

It is widely agreed that close to 50% of Excel users leave 80% of Excel untouched. That is, most users don’t tap into the full potential of Excels built-in utilities. In this course we will explore those uncovered area on such fine manner that attendees can readily imply them in their regular work just after attending the program.



This will be an instructor led program delivered through hands on labs with real life example. Audience will taste a new level of experience by attending the course.

Contents of Training:

Getting Familiar with the Excel Interface
• Ribbon, QAT, Mini Toolbar, Live Preview, Finding Icons 
• Customizing the Ribbon 
• Backstage View, Recent Documents 
• Zoom Slider and Page Layout 
• Saving Workbook to PDF, Saving Workbook to Excel Web App 

Handling Text with Formulas and Built in Tools
• Drag the Fill Handle
• Create Your Own Series
• Joining Text
• Rapid Formula Copy
• Convert to Proper Case
• Joining Dates
• Formulas to Values
• Breaking Apart Text
• Parsing Fixed Width

Diving into Formulas
• AutoSum Tricks
• Formula Auditing
• Three Ways of Entering Formulas
• Relative Versus Absolute Formulas
• Tables and Table Formulas
• Discovering Functions
• Goal Seek
• IF Formulas
• Date and Time

Sorting & Filtering
• Data Preparation
• One-Click Sorting
• Sorting by Color
• Sorting by Weekday
• Rearranging Columns
• Filter by Selection
• Other ways to Filter
• Remove Duplicates

• Subtotals
• Collapsing Subtotals
• Copy Subtotals
• Formatting Subtotals
• Sorting Subtotals
• Changing Sum to Count in 1 column
• Data Consolidate

Pivot Tables
• Creating a Pivot Table
• Changing a Pivot Table
• Pivot Gotchas
• Pivot Formatting
• Drill Down
• Pivot Calculations
• Summarizing Dates
• Pivot Sorting
• Filtering Row Fields 
• Top 10 Report
• Filtering a Pivot Table with Slicers
• Slicers on Two Pivot Tables
• 50 Reports in 5 Seconds
• Using GetPivotData

• Getting Data into PowerPivot
• Adding Calculations in PowerPivot
• Linking Tables in PowerPivot
• Creating Pivot Table in PowerPivot
• Sorting in PowerPivot

Charting and SmartArt
• Creating and Formatting a Chart
• Adding or Removing Chart Data
• Saving Favorite Chart Settings
• Charting Differing Orders of Magnitude
• Pie Chart Tricks
• Sparklines
• Creating SmartArt
• Smart Art Formulas

Visual Impact
• Cell Styles and Document Themes
• Color Scales, Icon Sets, Data Bars
• Icons for Only a Subset
• Paired Bar Charts with Negative Data Bars
• Picture Tools and WordArt, Picture Background Removal, Insert Screen Clipping
• Equation Editor

Recording Macros
• Displaying the Developer Tab
• Recording a Simple Macro
• Simplifying the Macro
• Keys to Successful Recording
• Adding Totals to Variable Number of Rows
• Finally! Automate Your Report

Tips & Tricks
• Removing Duplicates
• Copying Sheets
• Working In Group Mode
• Excel as word processor
• Text Box Trick
• Shrink Text Transposing Tricks
• Insert Blank Rows
• Hide Data
• Important Sheet
• Data Validation
• Fill up in the sideways
• Switch Column Trick
• Fill Blank Trick
• Pick from List
• Formula to Value
• F4 trick
• Format Part of Cell
• Print Small Selection
• Fit to One Page Trick
• Speak Cells

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