front-desk behaviour and telephone etiquettes

front-desk behaviour and telephone etiquettes

This course focuses on the behaviour and rules for the conversation of Front-desk executives, and telephone etiquettes. It brings out the useful languages that people use at the front-desk and in telephone conversations and also the conversational strategies to handle difficult situations in telephone conversations.

How participants will benefit from the course
Participants will be able to use appropriate phrases considering the situation they are at while working at the front-desk and while talking in telephone and will learn to develop their listening skills and to handle problem-situations in telephone conversations.

Contents of Training:

1. Basic rules of Front-desk Etiquettes:
How to welcome clients in the right way
Making the first impression by presenting the right image
Right level of politeness to the visitor
Being a guide to the visitor
Beware of language and body language
Dealing with difficult people

2. Developing listening skills

3. Useful languages for the conversations at the front-desk

4. Basic rules for telephone conversation: making and receiving calls

5. Tips to make telephone conversations effective

6. Use of particular phrases considering the situation

7. Learning to read speaker’s:
Body language
Unspoken words

8. How to handle queries in telephone conversations that you are not prepared for

9. Dealing with problems: learn useful phrases to describe problems, warning and apologizing

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