Selling Skills for Show Room Sales Person

Selling Skills for Show Room Sales Person

Module-1: Awareness and Preparation

·      Know yourself: Attitude, Personality and Behavioral style

·      Know the Company: SWOT of the Company

·      Know your Product: Features, History and Competitive Advantage

·      Key points for taking Preparation to face the customer

Module-2: Selling Skills and Technique

·      1 minute sales call

·      Assessment of Customer: Type, Personality, purchase stage etc

·      ‘Selling’ or ‘Helping’ to Buy

·      Persuasion or Influence to take decision

·      Complaint handling Technique

·      Skills to negotiation without preparation

Module-3: Customer Service Excellence

·      Customer Service Etiquette

·      Service at welcome stage

·      Service during visiting the show room

·      Service while purchasing

·      After sales service

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